Fiber optic and copper telecommunication networks designing and approval

Fiber optic telecommunication networks must comply with the highest designing standards for increased performance and proven reliability over time. 

Connexion Group develops the entire designing process of urban (FTTB, FTTH, FTTX) and interurban fiber optic networks infrastructure, considering all turnkey services and their building permits obtaining in this respect. 

Connexion Group ensures designing, approval, authorisation, implementation and construction of fiber optic network at the highest standards in an A to Z successfully developed project!

Back-up infrastructure construction for fiber optic networks

We execute any type of overhead or underground infrastructure for fiber optic telecommunication networks renewal or implementation, metropolitan, FTTH and interurban networks. 

Connexion Group with its turnkey services approach covering all phases of network implementation, from designing up to planning, production, procurement, civil works, installation, optimisation, implementation and putting into operation, ensure that all our customers’ needs start and end with us. 

Moreover, our experience in developing fiber optic infrastructure networks allows us offer specialty assistance to our customers and a short, timely delivery for maximum efficiency of our services. 


Fiber optic and copper cable telecommunication networks construction

Connexion Group team is adequately trained as to ensure all needed aspects for turnkey construction of fiber optic and copper cables networks.  

We build overhead or underground networks, fastened to the buildings or inside them, complying with the quality standards and the project deadline as agreed with the customer.

We have the capacity to perform works’ splicing and measurements according to customers’ needs, ensuring carried out networks quality and documents according to the in force standards.  

Connexion Group team is prepared to answer all building requirements for any type of fiber optic network. Contact a specialist for more details about your project.

Relocation / protection of fiber optic and copper telecommunication networks

The general manager of Connexion Group had participated from 1994 to the construction of fiber optic telecommunication networks for all major telecommunication operators and from 2000 Connexion Group team had built great part of fiber optic networks in Romania.

This wide experience corroborated with telecommunication operators networks maintenance outsourcing puts us into the extremely favourable position to know, sometimes better than the operators, the networks they operate.

Connexion Group is the perfect partner for remarkable works carried out during the correct time, ensuring the turnkey service of fiber optic telecommunication networks relocation, as we are the fastest in the field and agreed by all telecommunication operators in Romania.    


Advice, feasibility studies, fiber optic designers and technicians training

We are the first company in Romania authorised in copper and fiber optic splicers and so we trained all employees according to ANC standards.

Connexion Group, relying on its extensive experience in designing and building fiber optic networks, as the first private company in Romania covering this field, is a specialised partner in offering advice, expertise and all range training as to develop the activity of your company. 

We ensure personnel certified training for the entire designing and performance process of fiber optic telecommunication networks. Our company may offer you besides training, a customised plan for your business development, considering all the elements needed for the good development of the activity and a significant business evolution over time. 

We believe this field is under continual development due to the excessive increase of the new networks technologies. Consequently, Connexion Group may be a reliable partner for the success of your business.   

Horizontal directional drilling for fiber optic works and other utilities

Connexion Group sets the conduits for fiber optic networks under different obstacles and lands by horizontal directional drilling.

The horizontal directional drillings are carried out for different dimensions depending on work and environment particularities where the fiber optic network or other utilities are performed. 

The large-size horizontal directional drilling plants are used to cross over the rivers and channels or other obstacles met on the fiber optic network path. 

Medium and small-sized horizontal directional drilling works are employed for the efficient installation in underground areas, with no need to build or cut roads / highways, wet areas and water-courses.

By means of these drillings an increased protection of fiber optic networks and costs efficiency is obtained for the entire built network. 



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